Dartmouth Swimathon Event Policies & Legal Bits

Data Protection

The Dartmouth Swimathon is organised by members of The Rotary Club of Dartmouth. This organisation has a Charitable Trust to which all profits are given and which is governed by regulations concerning charities.
To run the Dartmouth Swimathon efficiently, our committee needs to record information about the teams that enter, in particular the contact details of our team captains. We also record the swimmer’s names so that they can be printed in the local newspapers, etc and social media. In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 all those who collect personal information; either by paper or electronic application forms, telephone calls, surveys or on-line on the web must ensure that an appropriate Data Protection Act statement is made. This Statement follows below :-

Data Protection – The information you have supplied will be used solely for administering the Rotary Swimathon. This data will be maintained in accordance with the Act and will not be passed on or sold to any other organisation other than local newspapers etc and social media for local news content. If you wish your personal details to be handled differently from the above statement, then please contact the Rotary Swimathon Chairman whose contact details you will find on the Contacts page of this web site.

Child Protection

The Rotary Club of Dartmouth, as a member club of the Rotary International Organisation has policies in place to deal with child protection. Our club has a nominated officer to advise on current legislation and current best practice when club members are dealing with children and other vulnerable groups. Click here for the actual policy statement

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship is obtained from local businesses to cover the expenses in running the event such as venue hire, printing, stationary, postage, telephone charges, website expenses etc. Covering the cost of our expenses enables the organisers to target worthwhile causes to donate other monies raised during the event. We would urge you to use our local businesses whenever possible.

Sponsorship of Swimmers

All money raised through the sponsorship of swimmers will go to worthwhile causes. The Rotary Club of Dartmouth works with charitable organisations to identify worthwhile causes. Careful consideration will be given to each grant to ensure that any Rotary Swimathon money raised is spent well.
If you are a tax payer and sponsoring a swimmer please ensure to put your address on the sponsor form and tick the appropriate box as doing that The Rotary Club is able to claim gift aid from the Inland Revenue, thus effectively increasing your donation by about 25% 

Public Liability Insurance

The Rotary Club of Britain and Ireland to which The Rotary Club of Dartmouth is affiliated, has public liability insurance in place in the event of unforeseen accidents. The organisers also have on site first aid medical care supplied by The St. John Ambulance.

Health and Safety

The Rotary Club of Dartmouth is using the swimming pool facilities with the express permission of Dartmouth Outdoor Pool Limited (DOPL). The club will at all times abide by their rules and regulations with regards to Health and Safety.

The Rotary Club of Dartmouth also has a duty of care and is guided by DOPL in terms of Health and Safety and they will provide trained life guards throughout the event.

The Rotary Swimathon Team Secretary shall announce Health and Safety briefs at the beginning of each session.

Only swimmers and designated helpers can enter the POOL area unless a small child is swimming and needs a parent /carer to be there. Spectators and non swimming Team Captains must remain behind the cordoned off pool area. This area will be obvious on the day.

Under no circumstances is diving permitted.

Risk Assessments

We are guided by the Risk Assessments of DOPL and they in turn will monitor the Rotary Club of Dartmouth in relation to the setting up of stands, public address equipment,furniture and any display material.


Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been cancelled


We hope to bring this event to Dartmouth really soon


Thank You.