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Your team will swim at the Dartmouth Outdoor Pool at a time to be advised by your Team Captain on the following date and times: Between 8.30 am and 4.00pm on Saturday 29th June 2019


With your team mates and Captain please report to the Pool’s reception at least 45

minutes before the swim time. You will be met and guided through registration and



Individuals bring your Sponsorship Forms if you have not already handed them to you Team Captain. Please DO NOT bring your sponsorship money to the Swimathon.


The Team Captain hands in a copy of the Registration  Form, the Teams’ Sponsorship Forms, the Consent Form where applicable and Team Charity Form where applicable.


Team waits for these Forms to be checked.


Teams’ Sponsorship Forms are handed  back to the Team Captain.


Once Forms are checked Team gets changed.


Team assembles poolside 15 minutes prior to their allocated swim time.


Team waits 10 minutes until previous group of swimmers have finished, got out of the water and left the start/finish end of the pool.


Team splits 3 to each end of the pool and enter water. NO DIVING ALLOWED.


Team swims its lengths with 1 swimmer swimming at any one time.


Your Team’s lengths will be recorded for you.


After your swim exit the pool


Team changes.


Team Captain goes to Registration and collects Certificates for each entrant which will state      Swimmer’s  Name, Team Name and Lengths Swum by the Team. Also the Team Captain will receive a letter stating the amount pledged by the Team, being the total of all the Sponsorship Forms completed by the Team’s members.


After the Swimathon, Team Members should collect their Sponsorship Forms from the Team Captain



Team Members should collect their sponsorship money by the middle of July 2019.


The Team Captain should collect all Team Member’s sponsorship money and check the total equals the amount pledged by the Team on the letter. These items should then be handed to the Swimathon Treasurer by the end of July 2019.


Monies raised will go to the Rotary Club of Dartmouth Charitable Trust and then allocated to a principal charity and other deserving projects. In recognition of the effort made by the teamswhere teams prefer, they can nominate a REGISTERED CHARITY to receive20% of the sponsorship they raise on the sponsorship form.


Please help us to raise a worthwhile amount of money.


Please ask sponsors to sponsor the team for a fixed amount.


If your sponsor is an adult, it is likely that they are taxpayers. In which case make sure you write their NAME & ADDRESS clearly and get them to tick your sponsor form in the Gift Aid box. This makes their sponsorship worth 25% more. On average this adds almost £1-2,000 to the TOTAL.


Download as many sponsorship forms as you require from our website.



What is Gift Aid

Please tell your Sponsors about Gift Aid.

Gift Aid is a relief granted by the Inland Revenue to assist Charities to raise additional funds. Charities can reclaim tax at standard rate on all donations or sponsorship received, provided the donor or sponsor is a UK tax paying individual. The donor must provide the Charity with their name and address and agree that their donation or sponsorship is a Gift Aid donation.

Effectively, any sponsor who is a taxpayer and agrees to give the above information and ticks the
Gift Aid box on the sponsorship form can have this donation increased at no extra cost to themselves, by 25%, courtesy of the Inland Revenue.

All you have to do is explain to your Sponsors about Gift Aid and ask them to complete the attached
sponsor form correctly, which really means printing their name and address and always including their postcode. Whilst you and your team are swimming we will highlight those sponsors who haven’t indicated that they wish to give Gift Aid for you to ask if they would allow us to claim Gift Aid and tick the box. Then make sure you collect all the money as quickly as possible, complete the form and give this to your team captain who will return it to our Swimathon Treasurer
It is easy for you and your team. The Swimathon committee will administer the rest. It’s got to be
worth a try and the local community will benefit as a result of you asking for Gift Aid.

Photographs at the event

Photographs cannot be taken at the event

The problem is that as an organisation, The Rotary Club of Dartmouth has a “duty of care” to ensure that we are operating within the law regarding Child Protection.

Our policy is covered in detail on our website

To assist us maintain our duty of care we have to ask that you leave all cameras outside the pool. It is our intention to provide each Team Captain with a team photograph free of charge. This is providing the Captain has obtained the authority by ensuring that parents or guardians of any person under the age of 16 has signed the appropriate box on the Consent Form. Extra copies can be obtained at a cost of £2.00 per copy.

We would also ask that you allow us to use your team photograph in the local press and our website after the event. Please let us know if you object to this and your team photo will not be included. We hope that you find this added service worthwhile.

The Swimathon Team Secretary will announce these rules at the start of every swimming session.


Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been cancelled


We hope to bring this event to Dartmouth really soon


Thank You.